Friday, May 15, 2009

Vote on National Popular Vote Passes Because it Failed

Oh how I love irony in Hartford. Really, I do. Which is a good thing, considering the tremendous amount of irony there is up there.

A bill recently came up in the State House of Representatives, which would enter Connecticut into an interstate compact to elect the President by National Popular Vote. Basically, if this was to become a compact with enough states, when Connecticut's elector's go to the Electoral College to cast their votes for President, they will not be casting their votes for the candidate who won the most votes in Connecticut. Rather, they will be voting for whomever got the most votes NATIONALLY.

So, in 2004, when Connecticut overwhelmingly voted for Sen. John Kerry, our electoral votes would have gone to President George Bush. Every single resident who voted for John Kerry would have their votes thrown out. As State Rep. David Labriola (R-Naugatuck) during his speech on the House floor, "How undemocratic is that?". As Rep. Labriola said, "It's really just sour grapes about the 2000 election."

But really, the fun part here is in the leadership of the Democratic caucus. When the machine was closed, the vote totals on the top of the machine read: Yea: 72. No:73. The Bill failed.

But did it? No.

Thanks to the brow beating of House Speaker (and former "Community Organizer"/Union Rep....hmm shocking) Chris Donovan and other leaders in the Democratic Caucus, which was called a conversation he wished others had heard by Deputy Speaker Robert Godfrey, Godfrey asked to have his vote changed to yes. Followed by Deputy Speaker Buddy Altobello, and Democratic veterans Peggy Sayers and Peter Tercyak.

Amid jeers and "boos" from colleagues, 4 Democratic leaders were allowed to change their vote on a bill that complained about an election where someone really won, but then lost.

A bill that's dead in the Senate. Certainly a veto by Governor Rell. And yet the Democratic leadership made sure it passed it the House. Surely, time would be much better spent whittling down an $8 billon deficit. But when that vote is over, who knows who will change their minds. With the Democratic leadership we have in Hartford, it is really a wonder anything gets done.

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Ryan said...

Keep up the good work Young Republicans!! We need you!

Ryan Dixon