Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dodd's Donation Despair

Over the past month or so, we have seen reports that only FIVE individual donors from inside the state of Connecticut have thusfar donated to disparaged Senator Chris Dodd's reelection campaign. Well, harsh reality check- it's only four. A closer look at Dodd's quarterly report shows that one of the reported five is actually from Watertown, NY- not CT. Sorry Senator, 20% of your CT donor base just walked out the door with a New York driver's license.

As the race for the GOP nod heats up with former Congressman Rob Simmons and State Senator Sam Caligiuri already announced and former ambassador Tom Foley likely to enter the race, it will be an interesting battle to see who gets to take on the Dodd and remove him from Connecticut's eyes and disgrace.

Even some democrats are fed up with the Senator's shennanigans, as Roger Pierson appeared on Face the State this past sunday to discuss his possible primary challenge against Dodd.

Both Simmons and Caligiuri responded to Dodd's lack of donors through videos of their own, with Simmons calling five donors from CT to thank them for their contributions ( and Caligiuri with a trifle too long, but nonetheless effective, ad showing where all of Dodd's money is coming from- none from CT (

Here's an offer- Senator Dodd, I'll donate 200 dollars to help pay of your $180 grand in Presidential Campaign debt if you promise to move to your cottage in Ireland and never return again.

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